Meet QODWEB’s team

A team of smart & passionate people

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Nouredine Harchi

Co- Founder, CEO

DALL·E Bachir Benhammad
Bachir Benhammad

Co-Founder & COO

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Mahmoud Benhammad

Advertising Specialist

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Salma Rafya

SEO Manager

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Power Booster

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Souad Ennassiri

Social Media Manager

Principles of our work at QodWeb

Client-Centric Approach

At QodWeb, we prioritize our clients' goals, offering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Continuous Innovation

We thrive on staying ahead of the digital curve, embracing new technologies and strategies to deliver cutting-edge results.

Transparent Collaboration

We value open and honest communication, fostering trust and teamwork among our diverse talents.

Want to join our team? We are hiring!

Are you ready to make an impact in the dynamic world of digital marketing and web development? Join QodWeb and embark on a journey where innovation, collaboration, and growth are not just encouraged, but celebrated!

Endless Learning

Be part of a team that encourages continuous learning and offers opportunities to enhance your skills.

Innovation Hub

Experience a creative atmosphere that fuels your innovative ideas and transforms them into reality.

Diverse Projects

Work on a variety of projects across industries, gaining valuable experience and insights.

Collaborative Culture

Join a talented, diverse, and friendly team that values your contribution and fosters professional growth.